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Trust & Safety

You make this platform extraordinary. Together we keep it safe.

We take our responsibility as OnlineSensor's stewards very seriously. It's our job to provide a system deserving of your trust - by proactively screening for potential problems, by investigating issues brought to us by our community, and by still being exceedingly clear that even with these steps not every project will go as planned

Our goal is to provide a safe and trusted platform where people are honest and open with one another as they collaborate to bring creative projects to life.

What everyone should know


OnlineSensor is not a store. People aren't buying things that already exist - they're helping to create new things. Creating things isn't always easy. Some projects will go wonderfully, and others will run into obstacles. Be prepared for a little bit of each.


Creators are responsible for their projects. When you back a project, you're trusting the creator to do a good job, so if you don't know them personally or by reputation, do a little research first. OnlineSensor doesn't evaluate a project's claims, resolve disputes, or offer refunds - backers decide what's worth funding and what's not.


Some projects won't go as planned. Even with a creator's best efforts, a project may not work out the way everyone hopes. OnlineSensor creators have a remarkable track record, but nothing's guaranteed. Keep this in mind when you back a project.

We monitor the system. Our Integrity team uses complex algorithms and automated tools to identify and investigate suspicious activity on projects.

We take action. Sometimes that just means asking someone to fix a problem. But when we find users or projects that abuse the system, we don't hesitate to suspend them.

Beware of "phishing." Phishing is when someone pretends to be a business you trust and asks for sensitive information. OnlineSensor will never ask for your Social Security number or full payment information over the phone or by email, and the only place we'll ask you to enter your password is on OnlineSensor's log-in screen. If anyone asks you for this information, or you think you've received a scam or hoax email from someone pretending to be affiliated with us, don't respond - just let us know.

Contributors Campaigners
Security Safeguards and monitoring are in place to maintain your safety, secure the information we collect online, and prevent unauthorized access.

We work closely with leaders in payments processing to ensure your funds are processed securely and efficiently. 

Transparency Learn more about the people behind the campaigns through their profile pages. View their verifications, connections, and qualifications.

Give contributors peace of mind by including information about your team such as track record, qualifications, risks & challenges, and external links. Enhance your profile with verifications.

Communication Easily contact the campaign owner via direct messaging. 

Engaging contributors will establish trust, manage expectations, and may lead to some fresh ideas!

Support Our amazing Customer Happiness agents will reply to any support query within 48 hours.

Our amazing Customer Happiness agents will reply to any support query within 48 hours.