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OnlineSensor Affiliate Program

Promote OnlineSensor Campaigns on your site and make money!

  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Up to 10% commission on campaigns
  • No cost, you have nothing to lose



Rev Share

Rev-Share Structure

OnlineSensor uses a revenue share structure for our Affiliate Program. Contact us for more information.


Downloadable Content

You will have a multitude of content available as soon as you login, from OnlineSensor banner ads to ‘how-to crowdfund’ content.

Real Time

Real Time Tracking

The moment someone creates a crowdfunding campaign, raises money, or reaches their goal, you will see it automatically updated in your Affiliate Portal.


Source of Content

From promoting crowdfunding campaigns that have reached their goals, to ones that have inspired you. You will have a full list of campaigns that started from your referral.


Analytics & Reports

Your Affiliate Portal will contain detailed analytics covering the number of sign-ups, total raised, commission earned and much more.


Support & Management

OnlineSensor offers 100% support for our Affiliates. Whether you want custom material or have technical questions, we are there for you.

We are looking for enthusiastic well connected individuals who want to help us crowdfund the future.

Working in your community you will help us spread the word of crowdfunding and help local businesses, charities and individuals raise funds from the community around them. As an affiliated crowdfunder agent you will be rewarded on a result basis for each successful project.

A successful crowdfunding project pays a 10% fee and we will share this fee with yourselves.This is a great opportunity to help the community around you and earn some extra money.

If you think you have what it takes to get Crowdfunding going in your community then sign up below.

Got Questions?
We've got answers.

What exactly is OnlineSensor Affiliate Program?

OnlineSensor Affiliate Program is a new way for project owners or campaign creators to get their projects/campaigns funded, and a way for anybody to make a little (or a lot) of money by promoting campaigns through our affiliate referral system.

How does it work for campaign creators?

Campaign creators submit their campaigns, set a commission rate that they will pay their affiliate marketers, and let the OnlineSensor system take care of the details. Campaign creators can decide to keep their affiliate campaigns private, only sharing the affiliate link with people they choose, or they can decide to make it public, so that anyone visiting OnlineSensor can sign up to promote their campaigns.

What's an affiliate?

An affiliate marketer is anyone who wants to earn commissions by promoting other people's products. It's a concept that's worked very well for some of the largest companies online for many years.

How does it work for affiliates?

Affiliate marketers can sign up for any campaigns that interest them, promote them in several different ways, and receive a commission for their efforts at the end of each successfully funded campaign.

What's in it for affiliates?

For affiliates, this is a brand new revenue stream with multiple ways to promote and make money.

What commission rate should I choose?

Most commission rates will be in the neighborhood of 10%. Obviously, the higher you are willing to pay, the more affiliate marketers you will attract. Just as obvious, every dollar you spend on commissions takes away from your bottom line. You know your product better than anybody else and this is a balance you will have to find.

What's in it for campaign owners?

As a Campaign creator getting affiliates to market your project is the easiest way to drive pledges to your campaign. Since you are only paying for results, this is virtually a "no risk" way to get funded.