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Common Questions

Below is a compilation of the most common questions we receive. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

OnlineSensor is your personal online fundraising space. You can start your fund raising campaigns on OnlineSensor and raise funds for any social, personal or economical need. Its is a simple, FREE online platform created for people who want to raise funds for causes they care about. From medical expenses, to memorials and mission trips or even pet care - if it's important to you it qualifies as a fundraising cause.

OnlineSensor provides you with customizable personal fundraising webpages to help you spread your cause and raise support. It serves as a professional way to implement your fundraising idea and achieve or exceed your fundraising goal. It is also a fundraising support system that offers fundraisers everything from tips about getting started to information-packed blogs. It also serves as a unique way of forming a global community of people dedicated to supporting and encouraging the people right in front of us.

As members of this community, we feel privileged to offer the only free fundraising website. You will be very often amazed to hear the stories of what OnlineSensor.com fundraisers are able to achieve and the outpouring of love and support they receive.

Simply customise your personal fundraising page, narrate your story beautifully, mention all the facts like why you want to raise funds and how you plan to use those funds and then alert your friends and family about it. You can spread the news about your fundraising campaign by simply clicking on the Facebook and Twitter button available on your page, or through email and or any other way with which you can engage potential donors. You can also login to track the donations you've received. With OnlineSensor, you'll eliminate a lot of the headaches of traditional fundraising, such as direct mail, solicitation calls, and donation boxes – all of which can be costly and time-consuming.

OnlineSensor is one of the few fundraising websites on the web, which are free to use. It's simple, easy and secure. With professional fundraising profile pages and a plethora of sharing options, you'll be sure to raise more money.

While it's free to create and share your online fundraising campaign by using www.onlinesensor.com however in www.onlinesensor.com it is mandatory that you should contribute 5USD to your invited person's project to start fundraising for your project. This ensures a quick fund raising for the community, overall.

OnlineSensor will deduct a fee from each donation that you receive. Since our fee is deducted automatically, you'll never need to worry about being billed or owing us any money.

Fundraising Method Project Fees (Company's Profit) GewWays Partner Fees
Fixed Amount Fundraising 0% 0%
Flexible Amount Fundraising 5% 5%
Accelerated Fundraising 10% 10%

*Taxes on fees applicable for certain countries
**Withdrawal charges applicable 5-10% depends on the mode of withdrawal.
***Accelerated Fundraising eligible for the campaign owners who has donated an equal contribution and raised minimum 20 USD.
****Fees has to pay upfront for the people want to transact directly with the contributor.

Remember! OnlineSensor's seamless social media integration makes it so easy to showcase your fundraising cause on social networks, like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter etc. You reach your friends' networks and networks of your donors. You cause gets maximum visibility and gets funded faster, that easily makes up for the fee.

Be cautious of other crowdfunding sites that say they are "100% free" – they actually charge your donors instead without you knowing it! OnlineSensor will never charge your donors for their generosity.

No, never. Other sites might charge your donors without you knowing it, but we would never do that. Donors get a debit of only the amount they choose to donate to you and that's it.

Nope. With OnlineSensor there are no deadlines or time-limits. Your campaign will remain live until you choose to stop donations or remove the campaign altogether. Most users leave their campaigns live indefinitely as a lasting memory of all the wonderful comments and support they received.

No problem. With OnlineSensor, you keep each and every donation you receive. Reaching your goal is not required.

You'll receive an email notification each time a donation is made to your OnlineSensor campaign.

Yes, as a campaign creator you have to provide your correct details as we do a KYC for all our campaign creators. As a 'donor' you can choose to be anonymous as well.

Your campaign will be supported by the people in your life. This includes your friends, family members, loved ones, coworkers, classmates and teammates. Generally, its after your campaign receives the support of the people you personally know can it begin to attract the support of others on our platform.

Sharing your campaign with friends and family is a part of what makes OnlineSensor work so well. Not only will the people in your life support your campaign, but they will also help spread the word to their friends as well. You should not hesitate as its like OnlineSensor pitching for your campaign to your friends and family.

Although optional, connecting your account to Facebook is highly recommended and makes sharing your campaign with others incredibly easy. Don't worry, we'll never post anything to your Facebook account unless you say so.

Yes, provided the laws of the nation where they live, permit them to make contributions.

Absolutely not. While some CrowdFunding platforms do only actually distribute contributions if a specific goal is reached within a specific number of days, OnlineSensor CrowdFunding distributes the contributions as they are received.

Contributions are credited to each project daily as they come in to your e-currency wallet.

OnlineSensor CrowdFunding reserves the right to ban/stop any project, which uses its platform for illegal or immoral purposes.

OnlineSensor CrowdFunding does not give either legal or financial advice. Contributions received may or may not be considered as taxable income, depending on your country's tax law. Contributions made to a legally registered non-profit or charity may be considered eligible to claim some tax benefits depending on the tax laws of your country. Every situation is different, so please consult with a tax professional in your area.

No. OnlineSensor CrowdFunding does not pay anybody anything and, therefore, has nothing to report to any country's taxing authorities. It is important that all members abide by the tax laws of their nation and it is important to consult with a tax professional in your country. OnlineSensor CrowdFunding can not to be used as a tax shelter or illegal tax dodge.

While projects may be run on the behalf of minors, it is strongly recommended that the actual administrator be of legal age. This is best for the security of the minor and the integrity of the program.

Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses is privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Your payment will be confirmed right away if the (receiving Sponsor) is online, but allow a maximum of 48 hours as other members may be from different timezones. If it is not confirmed within 24 hours, please raise a support ticket with the link of your payment screenshot showing the details (amount, transaction ID, processor username/email sent from and sent to). If you send us this information correctly, we can get you confirmed!

Contact the person, give them at least few hours to reply but if there's no reply you can deny it or if you are in hurry you can deny it straight away.

Login to your Payment processor account to be sure and double check that you have actually been paid, if you have, go to your back-office, click on "Pending Task" and click "Confirm" from the Action column.

If proven, the account of that member will be terminated and all future fundraising, reward points, banner & text ad credits will be forfeited.

OnlineSensor.com offers a ZERO REFUNDS POLICY to all members as the funds go to the chosen projects and not us.

No, OnlineSensor doesn't issue refunds. Transactions are between donors and creators directly. Creators receive all funds (less fees) once they raise withdrawal.

Great! If you're an organization, institution, or entity interested in partnering with us, please reach out to us at partnerships@onlinesensor.com.

We sure do. If you've discovered a potential bug or vulnerability with onlinesensor.com, please contact us at support@onlinesensor.com and we'll help make sure the information gets shared with our technical team.

If a member you refer contributes to a higher level than you are, system will give 30 days notice to you to step up as well and qualify for that amount. If you fail to do that, the fund will be passed up to company sponsored projects as a penalty. It is important that you make sure that you contribute at all levels to make sure you become qualified for all levels contributions.

Once your fundraising campaign begins receiving online donations, you can easily request a withdrawal at any time. Don't worry, withdrawing money does not affect the progress meter that's displayed on your OnlineSensor campaign. Simply click the 'Withdraw' button inside your OnlineSensor account and follow the on-screen instructions. You can withdraw your balance directly to your bank account or paypal or bitcoin accounts.

Withdrawals made during 1st - 15th will be paid out before the month end and the ones made between 16th – month end will be paid out before 15th of the following month after the deduction of 5-10% (charges depends on the payment processor) as processing fee. Taxes may be applicable if any as per the country's tax laws.

Users can transfer contributions to other users if you have completed the KYC norms. No transfer charges applicable. Minimum transfer/contribution amount is 5 US Dollar.

We support almost all countries.

Yes, your OnlineSensor campaign is able to accept donations from around the world.

Of course. Donors can simply check a box to keep their donations hidden from public view. However, the Campaign Organizer will always know who the donor is.

If you're raising money for something that you strongly believe in, chances are that the people in your life will be eager to support you. OnlineSensor gives you the easy-to-use features to share your story with your family, friends, loved ones and community. Every Campaign Organizer should connect their Facebook account, use a high-quality campaign photo or video and clearly explain why they're raising money. Sharing your campaign on Facebook is the single most important thing you can do.

Almost. As always, common sense goes a long way here. DO raise money for personal causes that are purposeful, exciting and inspiring to others. DON'T break any local laws, expect strangers to buy your stuff or promote inappropriate content. When in doubt, browse our categories of thousands of successful campaigns to see how others use OnlineSensor.

Every OnlineSensor campaign is given a unique link that's easy to share with others. Sharing your fundraising campaign is easy using OnlineSensor's built-in features like email invitations and Facebook posting.

The best way to get into the spotlight is to pursue your own local media first. The good news is that your local newspaper and TV news stations are starving for interesting stories like yours. Once your campaign begins to really pick up steam, our team may contact you.

With hundreds of thousands of campaigns, it's not feasible for OnlineSensor to investigate the claims stated by each Campaign Organizer. Rather, we provide visitors with the tools to make an informed decision as to who they choose to support. While OnlineSensor and its payment partners do provide a number of safeguards to deter fraud, we must insist that visitors follow the advice stated on each and every campaign. "Only donate to people you personally know & trust." For more information, please visit: www.onlinesensor.com/trust-and-safety.php

OnlineSensor has major operating expenses like any popular Internet service including technology, infrastructure, payroll & benefits for our dedicated team of employees. We have purposely created a business model that allows users to sign-up and launch their campaign. OnlineSensor is an incredibly efficient and effective way to provide financial support to those you care about most. Not only can donors donate in an extremely targeted way, but more money goes directly to the intended recipients than other organizations can claim.

Not at all! Anyone can raise money online using OnlineSensor's personalized fundraising campaigns. OnlineSensor was designed to allow everyday people to do wonderful things with the money they raise online. That said, many non-profits do use OnlineSensor because it's such a great way to raise money online. OnlineSensor users can also raise money for their favorite charity.

No. We are committed to your privacy. Please see our privacy policy for more details visit www.onlinesensor.com/privacy-policy.php

Click on 'forgot?' under 'login' and enter your username. We'll email you a link to confirm and to send a temporary password, which you can then reset.

Your donation is secure! All donations are processed securely using industry-standard Secure Socket Layer encryption or SSL.

OnlineSensor does not currently offer customer support over the phone. We have found that offering support via live chat support and email enables us to make the best use of limited resources and provides the fastest response to our users.

We are committed to providing you with the best customer support in the industry and we do our best to make sure you have a personable experience with a member of our User Relations Team who will help with your requests or concerns.

You can also email us at support@onlinesensor.com to leave a message.

No, you do not need an account for a flexible amount contribution; you can simply visit the OnlineSensor fundraiser's page you'd like to donate to and make your donation with a payment gateway. For fixed amount contribution an account is mandatory.

OnlineSensor has several safeguards in place to verify the legitimacy of fundraisers. Our employees works closely with organizers, beneficiaries, donors and an extended network to ensure that fundraising campaigns are accurately represented. If suspicion is raised regarding a fundraiser, we investigate by requesting supporting evidence. If we find that a fundraiser is fraudulent or illegal, the fundraiser will be removed and barred. Thankfully, OnlineSensor is a community of people who are dedicated to helping one another. As a result, our users watch for and flag posts they believe to be questionable. Despite our best efforts, OnlineSensor cannot guarantee the full accuracy of every fundraiser that is posted. We only recommended that you only donate to fundraisers when you feel confident about their cause and legitimacy.

If you encounter a fundraiser on OnlineSensor that you suspect may be misrepresenting information in a way that is illegal or fraudulent, please contact us using the ' REPORT THIS CAMPAIGN' option on campaign page.

Please Note: We will only consider cases of fraud or legal violations. Personal disputes will not be reviewed.

You will want to make sure that you include the following:

  1. The URL of the fundraiser in question.
  2. Your relation (if any) to the organizer/beneficiary of this campaign
  3. Any evidence or background to support your claim including:
    • Screenshots of a conversation
    • Links to newspaper articles
    • Facebook pages or Tweets
    • Links to, or screenshots of similar fundraisers

Once we hear from you, we will reach out to the fundraiser organizer requesting verification. While we are in process of verifying the fundraiser, and it has not yet been found to be fraudulent or misrepresented, it will remain active on the site. If we are unable to verify the fundraiser, or we can confirm that it is indeed fraudulent, it will be promptly removed.

People think in stories. Tell the who, what, and why. Who is the fundraiser for? What are / were they like? What happened? Where is the beneficiary located? How will the funds be used? What is your relation to the beneficiary? And so forth. Just be yourself and get it all out there. Break it up in multiple paragraphs, as it will be easier to read.

Telling your story honestly:

Answer basic questions any reader would have, such as who the fundraiser is for; what happened; where, when, and why it's important to you; how you know the organizer or beneficiary; and how the funds will be used. Include a breakdown of the costs that comprise the goal. For example, "How the funds will be used: $2,000 will be used for medical transportation. The other $10,000 will cover Catherine's unpaid leave from work to care for her children."

Pick a name that will make people want to read more about your cause and story.

  • Make it short, descriptive, inspirational, and easy to find when people search online.
  • Include the first and last name of the fundraiser beneficiary in the title as people almost always type this into the search field on our site and in Google. Also, include the cause to give people a quick understanding of the need. Ex: Help Cynthia Ober Kick Cancer to the Curb
  • Keep in mind that the fundraiser name will be part of the URL link and included in each message you share.

Not a problem. Drop us a quick email to support@onlinesensor.com and we'll get that changed for you. Once your account is active we do not support email change requests.

We would love to have you on OnlineSensor however if you would like to cancel your registration, simply send a direct email from your registered email address to support@onlinesensor.com with 'Cancel Registration' in the subject line.

You can easily update your fundraiser goal by logging in to your account. Please be sure to save your changes once complete.

You can set your donation amount or your identity to be anonymous prior to submitting your payment. To donate anonymously, check the 'Hide name, comment from everyone and contribute anonymously'.

Yes! We pride ourselves on offering our fundraisers and donors excellent customer service. You can contact us directly using the 'Submit a ticket' option from login area.

We offer Live Chat support to fundraiser organizers. We also offer email support seven days a week!

The site is open to individuals or non-profits who need to raise funds for personal, charitable, non-divisive causes in the following categories: medical expenses, memorial/funeral expenses, tuition/education help, adoption fundraising, pet or animal medical expenses, service trips or helping a neighbor in need. If you have a need in any category which is not mentioned in our website, we encourage you to use another website better suited for your cause. Contact us and we would be happy to provide referrals.

Please note: OnlineSensor does not permit fundraising campaigns for legal defense, litigation, bail bonds or other legal matters. Related fundraisers may also be subject to review on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, OnlineSensor.com is an International website. Anyone with a valid ID Proof can open an account. We offer fundraising in various currencies including US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Indian Rupee, Malaysian Ringgit, Singapore Dollar, Thai Baht, Australian Dollar, Philippines Peso and Bitcoin

Other than the obvious (a written down password or a password that has been entrusted to someone you know), hackers use cracking programs that can launch dictionaries to try and match your passwords in mere seconds.

Weak passwords will be quickly guessed while strong passwords may never be guessed:

Passwords Time to Hack
4 character lower or upper case letters a few seconds
4 character lower and upper case letters a few seconds
4 character lower and upper case and number a few seconds
5 character lower or upper case letters (e.g passb) under 60 seconds
5 character lower & upper case letters (e.g passB) approx 6 minutes
5 character lower & upper case and number (e.g Pasb1) approx 15 minutes
8 character lower or upper case approx 58 hours
8 character lower & upper case approx 21 months
8 character lower & upper case and number approx 7 years
10 character lower or upper case approx 5 years
10 character lower & upper case approx 4648 years
10 character lower & upper case and number approx 26984 years

Other than the obvious (a written down password or a password that has been entrusted to someone you know), hackers use cracking programs that can launch dictionaries to try and match your passwords in mere seconds.

Weak passwords will be quickly guessed while strong passwords may never be guessed:

  • Do not share passwords except in emergency circumstances or when there is an overriding operational necessity.
  • Change your password immediately after sharing.
  • Do not leave passwords in a location accessible to others or secured in a location for which protection is less than that required for information that the password protects.
  • Do not send your password or any other sensitive information via email.
  • If you suspect your password has been stolen or compromised, change it immediately!
  • Do not write your password down and post it in a unsecured area such as your computer's monitor.

Other than the obvious (a written down password or a password that has been entrusted to someone you know), hackers use cracking programs that can launch dictionaries to try and match your passwords in mere seconds.

Weak passwords will be quickly guessed while strong passwords may never be guessed:

  • Use at least eight characters; the more characters, the better (as long as you can remember them).
  • Make your password easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to guess.
  • Intersperse punctuation marks or symbols such as #, $, %, etc. Do not use a blank space.
  • Always use a mixture of upper- and lower-case characters.
  • Never write down your password; someone else might see it.
  • Select a unique password. Do not use a password that you are using for some other purpose, such as your PIN at the bank or your password to another system.

Some systems have programs that check the password selected and can disallow a poor choice, but not all systems have this capability. To avoid problems, follow these basic guidelines when choosing your password:

  • Use at least eight characters; the more characters, the better (as long as you can remember them). Some systems (including most Unix systems) allow you to use up to 63 characters, so you can be creative.
  • Make your password easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to guess. Picking letters from a phrase that's meaningful to you may be the source for a good password. In this way, your password is really a "pass phrase." ("Do you know the way to San Jose?" could be D!Y!KtwTSJ?)
  • Intersperse punctuation marks or symbols such as #, $, %, etc. Do not use a blank space.
  • Always use a mixture of upper- and lower-case characters.
  • Never write down your password; someone else might see it.
  • Select a unique password. Do not use a password that you are using for some other purpose, such as your PIN at the bank or your password to another system.

We are thoroughly transparent about your transactions:

  • Every time a contribution is made, you and your funder receive an instant email notification.
  • Each contribution is reflected on your campaign page instantly increasing the funding count.
  • Your campaign analytics dashboard gives a report of all contributions made.

Technically you can run a campaign on your own using facebook but working with OnlineSensor makes your campaign more effective and raises your chances of success tremendously.

Anyone with an legal identity can raise funds on OnlineSensor. We work with all individuals, organizations, non-profits as long as their projects fall under our project eligibility criteria. If you're a non-profit entity, make sure you have an necessary approval to receive contributions from abroad.

Yes you can put up any images or even videos if you want. Don't make your image and videos files too heavy, because your campaign page load speed might slow down.

A pitch video significantly raises your campaigns chances of raising funds successfully. Visually showing what you want to create and have created so far and rubbing off your passion on the viewer can make a huge effect on the person going through your campaign page. The pitch video is your single most effective and emfatic tool to convince a person to fund you.

No. We don't make the pitch video. The Project creator needs to make one.

You absolutely can! Talk in the language you are comfortable in. People will in fact appreciate that. Just keep English subtitles.

Rewards are tangible incentives you offer your funders in exchange for their funding. They are essentially first copies of your project, or experiences related to your project that you can offer to your funders.

Rewards are items offered by you to incentivize supporters and in a way to thank them for the contribution they made towards your fundraiser. It could be a special thank you note, coffee mug, a badge, public thanks or mention on Facebook and other social media channels or any other thing you may think of.

Rewards-based crowdfunding allows businesses or individuals to make a pitch to raise capital through online crowdfunding platforms. This type of financing is geared toward startups, particularly those in creative fields, that don't qualify for traditional small-business loans but have compelling projects or are looking to test a market. Anyone can contribute to a reward crowdfunding campaign. Since individual donations are often small, the idea is for business owners to persuade as many people as possible to pitch in.

Money raised through rewards-based crowdfunding doesn't have to be paid back, but in return for donations, businesses provide rewards. A jewelry designer might reward everyone who contributes $100 or more with an original handmade bracelet, whereas an inventor of solar-powered lawn mowers might give a mower to contributors at the $1,000 level. Rewards don't have to be substantial, though; some businesses simply offer a handwritten thank-you note.

Reward crowdfunding allows small businesses to get exciting new ideas off the ground without the burden of repaying a loan. But there are several things to consider before you pitch your business.


  • This is one of the least costly ways to raise capital. Fees are a percentage of the money raised, and businesses may select rewards that let them keep the bulk of each donation.
  • No collateral, credit check or previous experience is needed.
  • The process is simple, with no need to hire professional financial or legal counsel.
  • Businesses don't give away company shares as with equity crowdfunding.
  • Exposure gained on the platform establishes a customer base and brand awareness.
  • Feedback from donors is valuable for future product development.


  • Reward crowdfunding isn't suitable for businesses requiring funding beyond about $100,000.
  • Exposing an idea online may put your business at risk of having it stolen and marketed by someone else. For this reason it's vital to protect yourself with date and time stamps and patents when appropriate.
  • Rewards-based crowdfunding works well for business-to-consumer ideas but doesn't seem to be effective for business-to-business campaigns.
  • Overly technical or complex ideas may be difficult to pitch.

No, it is not mandatory to offer rewards. Rewards encourage backers to fund a project and offer a gratification value in exchange for their funds.

No, you cannot offer any sort of profit/equity sharing on OnlineSensor.

Yes, a funder can enter his own contribution amount while making a payment by using fundraising page 'contribute now' option.

If someone is interested in giving more money for a monetary reward, he/she can contact you directly, with the "Contact the Organizer" button on the campaign page.

Please report all issues you are facing to support@onlinesensor.com and we'll sort you out.

Sometimes there can be internet connectivity issues between the payment gateway and the bank servers, which can lead to a payment failure. But we have the situation under control. Our system tracks every failed transaction and the reasons for failures.

No cash transfers, sorry!

No, your campaign page will be here forever. In fact, it is your project profile and so all the current information will remain as is on your campaign page.

Yes, you do run the risk of being banned from OnlineSensor and many other such channels if you don't complete your project and also fail to keep your contributors in loop. While we will not actively oversee the work in progress of your project or the delivery of rewards, complaints to us by your contributors can result in a ban.

If your account has been charged, please share the relevant SMS/email with us at support@onlinesensor.com and we shall look into the matter and respond accordingly.

We live in the digital-era, so to neglect the impact of social media would be foolhardy. Social media has the ability to create mass awareness and reach, notwithstanding geographic boundaries and cultures. Using social media efficiently should always be your primary source of out reach. Which is why OnlineSensor allows you to share all your campaign information on social platforms through well integrated and dynamic tools.

In simple terms, Crowdfunding is about a large number of people putting in small amounts of money to make someone's project possible.

If you're someone who has a passion project which hasn't taken off due to the lack of funds, you can create a campaign on OnlineSensor and then ride your networks to raise funds online.

If you have questions which weren't answered (we try), write to us at support@onlinesensor.com.

If you need to bring to our notice something unusual on OnlineSensor – like a potential bug, spammers or a broken pixel - please write to us at support@onlinesensor.com and we'll help make sure that someone our team solves this for you.

OnlineSensor is a platform that helps organisations or individuals launch a crowdfunding campaigns for free. We don't own any of the campaigns started on our platform. A OnlineSensor campaign is owned by organisations or individuals who use our platform.

The fee covers the cost of payment gateway, hosting, development and maintenance of the platform.

Yes, in the interest of transparency, the contribution amount is publically displayed. But you can choose to contribute anonymously if you want.

You can contribute as many times as you want. We're sure the campaigner will really appreciate your support.

This is likely due to an issue with the card you're using or the bank server. Please check that there are no issues with your card details or your bank, or try a different payment method. If the problem persists, please write to us at support@onlinesensor.com.