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About Us

OnlineSensor provides fundraising platform with the intelligence, technology and human expertise. We understand the difficulties of raising money, and we believe in the power of community support and sharing your story with the world.

Crowdfunding is an age-old phenomenon of raising small amounts of funds for a personal or a social cause, from a large amount of people. People do it, companies do it and so do social welfare organizations, in one way or the other. Various kinds of crowdfunding platforms offer unique ways of raising funds and perhaps that's one of the reasons why we have thousands of crowd funding platforms running successfully world over!

Starting with a humble beginning in 2015, OnlineSensor (OnlineSensor) has come a long way in creating not just a crowd-funding platform but also a unique and innovative invention, popularly known as 'Community-Sharing Crowd-Funding' which has started giving a whole new dimension to the model of traditional crowd-funding. We focus, not just on the cause, but also on how to make it easy for the people to fund that cause, in the simplest and smoothest ways possible. It's just like reverse engineering, where we reproduce a quick path towards the plan implementation and finally accomplishment of the goal that you have in sight.

Over the past few years, thousands of people have successfully used our platform to raise huge sums of money for their personal causes as well as for social causes and at the same time these thousands of people have experienced the exciting innovations of our platform and given it a big thumbs up. We continue to grow and we continue to build on our innovations to bring you excitements every now and then, because, we believe that once you start loving what you do, you give the best! We promise that with us, you'll raise more money for your cause, get your money right away, and keep whatever you raise since there are no mandatory goal requirements or campaign deadlines with us.

Meanwhile, crowdfunding is quickly becoming the internet's most exciting social trend for raising funds, by providing a convenient website platform that allows people to support any project that you create, simply by sharing it on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Backed with innovative technology and efficient payment gateways, getting contributions from millions of people for your innovative projects or social campaigns is just a matter of a few clicks now.

We connect campaign owners to funders in a way that is productive and engaging. When creative people work together, amazing things happen. We understand the difficulties of raising money, and we are passionate about providing an alternative funding source for startups, charities, and personal causes. We believe in the power of community support and sharing your story with the world. Ultimately, we want to build great company, have fun, and help people in a meaningful way.