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Our model, technology, and team of in-house experts make us the most trusted platform in the crowdfunding industry.
We leverage all the tools in our power to amplify campaigns, so you can raise maximum awareness

  • Create-Campaign-Project

    Create Project

    So you've got an idea or awesome causes? Draft your appealing campaign & submit.

  • Launch-Campaign-Project

    Launch Project

    Allow us some time to review/moderate your campaign or let us provide feedback.

  • Promote-to-Network

    Promote to Network

    Tell your Fans about your Project and share it via Social Networking channels.

  • Collect-Your-Funds

    Collect Your Funds

    Encourage your Fans with Goods, hit your Goal & collect your funds.

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Raise money for a variety of humanitarian causes. Choose the one that is most important to you.

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OnlineSensor helps empower your creative, entrepreneurial, and passion projects.

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CrowdSensor, powered by OnlineSensor, offers fundraising for personal and nonprofit causes.

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Why Us

  • Free-to-launch-Campaigns

    Free to

    No set-up fees keeps things simple. We also help amplify your campaign's exposure at no added cost. No penalties for missing goal

  • No-Deadlines-or-Goal-Requirements for Campaign

    No Deadlines or
    Goal Requirements

    With OnlineSensor, you keep each and every donation you receive. Reaching your goal is not required.

  • We-Take-your-success-of-your-campaigns

    We Take Your
    Success Very Seriously

    We have a team of experts who are there to increase your chances of making your project successful.

  • Experienced-team-support-for-campaign-promotion

    Team Support

    With our extensive experience in crowdfunding, our knowledge and skills will surely work to your advantage.

  • Social-Media-Integration-for-campaigns

    Social Media

    Our social media and email promotion tools can help you market and create social awareness about your programs to a relevant audience.

  • Updates-for-campaign-supporters

    Updates on

    The project or campaign owners can post updates on the platform for their supporters, keeping them informed of the progress.

  • Promote-a-campaign

    Promote a

    Users can embed the campaign on to their blogs or website in order to show support and track the progress.

  • Responsive-design

    User Interface

    OnlineSensor is built with contemporary responsive page design for mobile users which allows user to view the platform seamlessly on all devices.

  • Best-price-guarantee

    Best Pricing

    Guaranteed pricing and fastest access to your funds. OnlineSensor is committed to innovation in online fundraising.